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"You use a glass mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul"  Bernard Shaw


My passion and journey in  Visual Arts has developed over the years through my sculptural practice and participation in art, education, forums, collaborations, exhibitions, master classes, including attendance at the "National Art School" - Darlinghurst Australia (under Paul Hopmeier and David Horton)


I have a love of working in a variety of materials, bronze, mild steel, mixed media and more.  When using metal, my challenge is to be able to manipulate a hard object, to bend and curve the way I wish, and at the same time to keep its integrity.


For me form and space are paramount - Sometimes I like to work with negative shapes often finding a piece of metal, for example, which "talks to me" and advance my ideas from there. 


I want to focus on capturing the "flow of energy" within a piece - portray the purity of a line - allow gentle curves, atmosphere and impact.  Most of all I want to encourage the viewer to perceive and interpret the work in their own particular way. 

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